Solar Solutions

Grid Connected Solar Systems

With India making huge progress on installing Mega Watts of Ongrid Solar Power Generating systems, many states in the country are marching towards a state of being “power surplus”.

Promoting grid connected  solar power generation, several states – Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Telangana  etc., are already power surplus. In these power surplus states, customers look forward to savings in electricity charges. 

Up to 36% Capital Subsidy on Grid Connected Solar Systems:

Govt of India  is offering up to  40% capital subsidy on Grid tie solar installations to customers with Domestic Electricity Connection. Residential  Societies and  Trusts of apartments, group housing etc., can avail 20% capital subsidy on solar grid tie installations.  

To avail the above, all one needs is an own  shade free area of 100 square feet per Kilo Watt. This can be either on rooftop or on the ground.


Ongrid Solar
Grid Tie Solar Inverter installation

A Grid Connected Solar System generates solar power during the day. 1 Kw Solar Systems generates around 4 units of Solar Power per day.  This power is directly used as it is generated. The excess power, if any,  is exported to the grid. Govt pays back to the customer for the excess units exported to the grid periodically.

With ongrid solar solution, users get the benefit of huge savings on electricity bills for 25 years while generating own and clean power.

Solar LED Portable Lights

                                                     3 Watt Task Light

A heavy duty task light which works on 3 lighting modes and lasts up to 200 hours with a single charge. Comes with a mobile charger and 3 watt solar panel. 

This is a multipurpose light which can be used for indoor and outdoor lighting requirements. Due to its long lasting battery backup, it need not be charged everyday. 

Solar LED Study Light

                                                 Solar LED Study Light

A perfect solution for students to study in the night. Gives up to 8 hours of backup with a single charge and works on 2 lighting modes. An empowering tool for the students living in off grid areas. This will act as a power saving device in urban areas where the high power consuming tube lights or CFLs can be switched off to make use of Solar Study Light. 

                                                                Solar Mini Light

This tiny solar light with builtin solar panel can be  palm held  and snugly fits in to a lady’s bag or the glove box of  a four wheeler or two wheeler. 

Works for 4 to 6 hours with a single charge and works on 2 lighting modes. 

Can be used for distributing large numbers during any natural calamities or emergencies.  

                                          Mini Home Lighting System

Comes with 3 independent LED lights and a Mobile charger.  One of the lights has a dimmer option. When there is no requirement for bright light, battery can be saved by keeping the light on low lighting mode. 

Comes with a 6.5Wp Solar Module and  gives a back up of upto 12 hours when all the lights are on. 

Very useful for small dwellings in offgrid areas, street vendors and small shop keepers. 


                                                Solar LED Street Lights

 The all weather Solar LED Street lights automatically switch on during sunset and switch off during sunrise. They come with a GI pole, solar module, LED luminary and a solar battery.

One can choose from a range of lights from 12 Watt to 48 Watt. The lights come with a warranty of 3 years.