Grid Connected Solar Systems

A Grid Connected Solar System generates solar power during the day. 1 Kw Solar Systems generates around 4 units of Solar Power per day.  This power is directly used as it is generated. The excess power, if any  is exported to the grid. Govt pays back to the customer for the excess units exported to the grid.

Solar LED Portable Lights

We have some amazing range of Solar LED Portable Lights. The one shown above is a heavy duty task light with an incredible backup of 200 hours . This 3 Watt Solar LED light comes with a 3 Watt Solar Module and a Mobile charger.

Solar LED Street Lights

The all weather Solar LED Street lights automatically switch on during sunset and switch off during sunrise. They come with a GI pole, solar module, LED luminary and a solar battery.

One can choose from a range of lights from 12 Watt to 48 Watt. The lights come with a warranty of 3 years.

Solar LED Study Light

This highly functional Solar LED Study Light is very useful for the students during power cuts or for night studies where high power consuming tube lights or CFL lights need not be switched on.

These 0.5 watt lights consume very less power and are charged through 1 watt solar module.

Solar LED Mini Light

A very handy  Solar LED Light which snugly fits in a palm. This  tiny solar light comes with built in solar module of 0.3 watts and runs up to 6 hours with a single charge.