• What is grid connected solar system?
  Grid Connected solar system consists of Solar Modules and a Grid tie solar inverter. This system is connected to the power grid. During the day time, the solar modules generate electricity. The excess electricity after the consumption is pumped in to power grid.
  • Where can I get this system installed and how much electricity does it generate per day?
  It can either be installed at the rooftop or on the ground. You need 100 sq. feet of shade free area to install 1 Kw of solar system. On a bright sunny day, 1 Kw of solar modules will generate 4 units of electricity.
  • Will I have power back up when there is power cut?

No. As there will be no batteries for the grid connected solar system, the system will stop working during power outages, in other words, when there is power cut, you will not have back up and the system stops generating electricity for safety reasons.

  • Can I reduce my electricity bills by installing this system?

Yes and a big YES. For instance, if your monthly consumption is say 400 units and you installed a 5 Kw grid connected solar system. This system will generate 600 units ( 20 units per day when there is bright sun light ). As the solar system generated more than you consumed, you need not pay any electricity bill for this month ( barring the rental ) and on the other hand you will have 200 units credit balance in your account.