Solar LED Portable Lights

  • 3 Watt Task Light: A heavy duty task light which works on 3 lighting modes and lasts up to 200 hours with a single charge. Comes with a mobile charger and 3 watt solar panel. This is a multipurpose light which can be used for indoor and outdoor lighting requirements. Due to its long lasting battery backup, it need not be charged everyday.
  • Solar LED Study Light: A perfect solution for students to study in the night. Gives up to 8 hours of backup with a single charge and works on 2 lighting modes. An empowering tool for the students living in off grid areas. This will act as a power saving device in urban areas where the high power consuming tube lights or CFLs can be switched off to make use of Solar Study Light.
  • Solar Mini Light: This tiny solar light with builtin solar panel can be palm held and snugly fits in to a lady’s bag or the glove box of a four wheeler or two wheeler. Works for 4 to 6 hours with a single charge and works on 2 lighting modes. Can be used for distributing large numbers during any natural calamities or emergencies.
  • Mini Home Lighting System: Comes with 3 independent LED lights and a Mobile charger. One of the lights has a dimmer option. When there is no requirement for bright light, battery can be saved by keeping the light on low lighting mode. Comes with a 6.5Wp Solar Module and gives a back up of upto 12 hours when all the lights are on. Very useful for small dwellings in offgrid areas, street vendors and small shop keepers.
  • Solar LED Street Lights: The all weather Solar LED Street lights automatically switch on during sunset and switch off during sunrise. They come with a GI pole, solar module, LED luminary and a solar battery. One can choose from a range of lights from 12 Watt to 48 Watt. The lights come with a warranty of 3 years.